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Mother Serpent

Part of my expansive series "Dreaming from the Void
. . .
 Mother Serpent
Gaia’s Ancestral Snake
Upon the sky bridge between t'lay
Your countless ancient names and states
That flow to me in these Spiralling days
Dragonfly I softly spake;
I call upon the Spirit of the land
Gather around me
I welcome you
To my centre
And to this space
From the beginning song floods
The succeeding verse of our communal story
I hear the ever surging gallop of bright horses
On the horizon ~ where the Bison from the West
Gather upon the Great Mountains crest,
and the plains where the Black Snake, lying noxious
Lays its belly
and nashing teeth
oh mechanistic death
I feel the ever surging soaring of the wings of airborne Angels
On the horizon ~
 where the light shone From the East
Gathering upon the Great Lake and Sea
Where another portal opens
to the awakened and the free
Sky light bodies seek
And observe the scene
Above the holy lands the War cries sigh
Where you - sweet Mother, lay soft below
within your sleeping Egg, hollow
Cavernous dwelling
Waiting for the skies circles
To enclose in the song of the spheres ~ I see
A rose - to arose

. . .

Excerpt from my Prophecy Song "Mother Serpent"