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sea turtle

. . .
" Love of Home"

I'll Never find myself alone,
Guided by my Love for Home,
Not a place or time to know,
I carry home,
Upon the road, If I should go
I carry home inside my heart,
A place from where my journey starts,
Its the recognition in my eyes,
Its the spark I rely on to satisfy,
A sense of self, if thats what I need
A truth I take from those I meet

Home is present in the eyes of those I Love
I see my home,
Its in your eyes,
Its reflected in the words I've scribed, 

Home is by a fireside,
Its in troubled times
A kindled mind
In family ties,
And bonds of light
Home is not just where your heart resides
Its the reason why we stay alive

Home is when I think of times gone by,
And out of time-  in freedom of mind,
It is a reality created whole and wild

Home is in the lingering verse,
On cusp of lip,
From good to worse
Home is Fire! and in newborns birth,
Its tea and a book to long rehearse,

Its not a complex thing at all,
It is not mine, nor is it yours
Its just a word, 
trying to sum up Love

A Love relentless and lingering inside
It is its yearning
that makes us collide
Like Stars, we atomic creatures try,
To make a Home of Love,
for Life
. . .