Finished at last.. The Horned One
"Cernunnos" ✨🌀🖤 a really awesome deity to paint. I wanted to depict the imagery I see inside my head when thinking of the horned god and that is a tremendous, beastial creature, as much man as he is beast. I had a really strong image in my head early in the week of him sitting atop a throne of antlers and so i quickly scribbled it down on some paper for later. 
Three days later here we are! ❤


. . .
Oh Horned One,
Gazing through the hunters night,
the animals obey and the mind does fright,
You crave and romp and hide and bite,
Horny one upon the night,
Behind the veil less bright,
Searching for your lovers light,
Twisting, seeking, breathing life,
Cernunnos, Lord of Beasts we cry,
guide us in the darkest day,
Between the worlds teach us to play,
Remind of our path and warn us not to stray,
Blessed be, your hooves upon the land
May we look to your for guidance,
May we surrender up our hands,
Deliver us in WILDNESS,
Reconnect our beast with man
. . .