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Creating A Dream

A piece painted channelling a very potent and recurrent spirit that appears in dreams to me. A guide, a carer, sometimes so lucid and can be seen reflected in myself, sometimes mirrored strongly in those around me. Very much an embodiment of Spring energy and the divine feminine essence.

. . .

'Circles Long Wrote & Closing "

My mind is an eyre
In circles long wrote and closing
Purposeful and proposing
In the night hours abating
Dim candles remaining

I am caressed with their fire
Amidst purple smoke, stoked and chosen
Worth-full and coaxing
In the night hours inspired
Dim candles re-spired
Spiralling twins enflamed 

For I look upon the faces
In my memories and tracing
Within my words, 
Her words engraving
Upon my heartspaces facing 

And faced me;
My eyes now becoming greener
into their truest green-dom
Reflecting our inner wings
of; Birds of times own making
Whose feathers fill and burst-
With a colour-full Elating 

I have renewed my souls sweet figure
That was porcelain; terracotta
now mud ~ Earth~ and newly shaping
To be tempered, but soft; a vessel
To carry water from that wellspring
Back and fourth and farther
To be shared with, here and after 

Tender wounds made for the pouring
Tending to wounds made for release
Resting now among the Lions
Of our youth; a Pride, born not in fear
We are gentle, soft and serving
We are loving and we are free 

Dim candles remaining
In the night hours abating
Purposeful and proposing
In circles long wrote and closing
My Heart is Earth arising
And Hers the Moon beside me