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Reunion with the beginning;
Definition of being,
Togetherness with the senses,
Rapture with rapid interest,
Discovery, re-discovery,
A coming of age

A boy lies awake beside a gentle fire,
Watching the tiny light reside on the wind,
Taken high,
Carried into the blackness,
Among plumes of dark and light,
Radiant red below,
Do they die, or cease?
Or go on being,
Another entity,
New paradigm,
Sliver of mystery in a mysterious void... No dreams are without merit,
No thoughts without fruition,
Be thankful for the realisation,
Warm and toasty revelation,
That melts the chill from your insecurity,
That makes a waterfall of your lack of assurance,
It exposes,
And you cannot fathom what could be more than a God

Union of the beginning;
Revisiting the galactic birthplace,
The universal Soul stream,
Radiant life,
Revolutionary show,
Short passage
vision of truth
A welcoming of Love
. . .

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