You know how you feel somebody looking at you, and you turn, and somebody actually is? It's the same at an art gallery. You're looking at one portrait, turn around, and there is a work of art directly behind you. Because it's all energy. Every single thing has energy.

- Marina Abramovic

Energy In Motion is a series of works depicting my own personal empathic, intuitive experience of emotions, explored through an expressive use of colour, representing the auric field, the wavelengths and motions of our inner feelings and the explosive nature of feeling things so deeply. This series is a contrasting visual exploration of what is often the more subtle side of the human experience. 

. . .

I Too, The Waves

There shall always be
Emotions tied to you
and Ill allow them too, for you
As the waves break sure and swift
I shall too
The way it breaks me
Ill allow it through

Tis the energy in motion too, 
that as waves break
In time
They soften you
The rock and stone
they glide unto

So my energy in motion moves
Guiding me
Towardeth you
And as it flows it makes you smooth

Even if I simply
glide over you
And no pools
Do choose
To bloom
I too

From blue I, just as the sea
Shall flow
To you
Not because I choose
But because
And I am