"Art washes away from the soul, the dust of everyday life."
- Pablo Picasso

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Through Art I have found expression for the internal worlds that live on perpetually within my being. It is within the limitlessness of creative expression, through painting, woodworking and crafts, photography and poetry that I come to find meaning and true peace in my life. 

I feel fervidly that all creatures are connected on a much deeper level than most ever anticipate. I believe that we have an integral relationship with nature that is essential to the experience of being human. Most importantly I hold fast in the awareness, that at the core of all things there is a creative being that we come to understand, name and acknowledge in our own way - that reveals itself to us all in time.
I wish that through my Art, Poetry and many other forms of expression, you see mirrors of you, of your Spirit and of something far greater than yourself. 
I hope you remember the childlike euphoria of the imagination, that can come to lay stagnant in the chaotic stillness of adulthood.

Perhaps you may also come to remember the magic that exists in ecstatic and perpetual motion, working in cohesive union with you, beyond the thinnest of veils.

Finally I wish for you to feel the warmth and gentleness of Love, which is imbued within every stroke of every brush, every scribble of each pen, tap of each key, scrape of each knife and click of each shutter.


With Love, Always, Dan


your art reaches
and You are
the art
whom reaches