An important piece. A painting that for me was about reclaiming personal power, re-igniting with my guides and long held personal totems - testing strength, and revitalising courage. Healing, yawning, rising on the plains of self empowerment. 

. . .

"Lionheart Rising"
Roar Lionheart Roar
Roar Lion-man Roar
Its all been before, 
its so certain; sure
Roar Lion-Strength Roar
Roar Lioness Roar
They cant cross this circle-door
Awaken the the Lions Roar
If the many scorn;
Rest deep and yawn
Protect the seeds so tall
Before that Circle-door
Roar Lionheart Roar
Roar Lion-Pride Roar
close your eyes to whats been before
Yes Its been before
Its been before
But the pride is strong
Before the coming storm
Roar Lionman Roar
Roar Lionheart Roar
Make your intention sure
Wake the many sure
Go fourth with Love I do implore