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Lyra & The Creancients

Lyra is a place of intense dreams and vivid 'memory' A distant planet or star system that in my recollection, was home to blue, formless, energetic beings. 
I recollect a great incident, in which a city was destroyed by an enormous wave, which rose after a moon shattered into a oblivion, its shards piercing the watery depths.
The Creancients are recurrent animal entities that also appear in visions and dreams, the Rainbow Serpent, The White Serpent, with its iridescent scales that also have rainbow hues. The long beaked, brightly feather bird with piercing eyes. These works are filled with symbols and icons of an esoteric nature.
 . . .
Do you remember Lyra?
Its like a moment ago
Crashing waves, blue orpheus
Im emergent in the cosmic blue
Searching searching searching
For you
Hello, Orion, hello Pleiades
Sisters got me, Nannas got me
Serpents and strangled skies
Arise in the blue resonant light
Elemental fire, elemental light
Rebirth in colourful vision
the waking eyre
Beneath the Lyre
Soaring on the wings of that beginning fire and flood


The Destruction of Lyra

Below is an old painting of Lyra as depicted from memory, I painted it as it appeared to me, not in any great detail, much like something long forgotten but suddenly remembered. A blur of vision across the thought stream of waking life. A few notable things from the memory were the extremely odd buildings, whose architecture sported no windows or doors, as if these blue beings were able to walk through walls. 

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