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Odin & Frigg

An extremely special piece to me, this piece began through a visionary process in which I sat and focused on the Nordic God "Odin" and proceeded to paint what came through. The resulting portrait was my first depiction of one of traditional pagan mythology and spirituality. The piece included reference to Geri and Freki, Odins two wolves. Upon completely Odin a friend told me I must paint his wife Frigg and as if she were already there, Frigg began to appear, flowing from the robes of Odin, one with the trees and the moon, her symbols pouring fourth amidst the starlight. 
The piece is also framed with Odins two guardian Ravens Huginn & Muniin. 
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Óðinn | Odin | Wotan 

Odin has been a particularly strong archetype whose symbols and themes find resonance in my life all the time. God of the Sky, Wisdom, Poetry, War and Death.. heavily associated with magic and the Spirit of Ravens. Which are my favourite bird.

I also find it interesting the close link to the Hermit card in Tarot for me, my favourite card of the Tarot... channelling the Wizard, the Traveller, the Wanderer... One between the Worlds

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Frigg | Frija | Frea

Frigg,Wife of Odin, Goddess of Love and Marriage, protector and guide of mothers and their babies, Seer of the future, mother of the fateful Baldr… Spinster upon the wheel of time, connected to the stars and skies.
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