I paint flowers so they will not die.
- Frida Kahlo

The One With Nature series is about the intangible link that man has with the world and the Earth - particularly with its plant life. Through portraiture this series explores the unison of man and Earth that becomes undeniable, enriched with the raw energy in motion of a grounded Earthly connection. 
An ongoing Series, the current works completed are, in order of their completion:

"Australian Bushflowers"
"The Woodlands and Fungi" 
"The Rainforest"

. . .

Language of the Earth

I wish I could teach you
what natures been dreaming
the way that she screams
and the sound of her singing
the colour of her thoughts
and the taste of her feeling

I wish I could give you
all of her healing
and yet you receive it
with all her intention
you could walk right on by
with no intervention
and her soft powerful glow
would radiate close
healing your pours
and empower your homes

I wish I could help you
find your retreat
amongst the home of the forest
with the souls of your feet

I wish I could show you
the technicolor tone
of the voice of the mushroom
with her whispers and her groans
the sound of the ancients
whose roots hold the Earth
whose presence protects you
and gives each breathe all its worth