Persephone lil.png

Persephone | Meg

 This piece is extremely special to me, as it depicts a friend whom Ive been lucky to know for many years now. We Connected through the limitless portal that is the internet. We've grown and changed, and shared much of our individual journeys in conversation . particularly our spiritual adventures. Always sending love from afar, always aware that Im lucky to share this journey despite the massive distance thats between us. Meg has inspired me through her journeys in life, within and with her constant desire to better herself and overcome obstacles and life challenges, some of which we have both shared in common.

This painting was inspired by an original photograph of Meg taken by American photographer Carlton Ward.

This painting was featured in Campbelltown City Art Gallery in 2017 as part of the Hear Me, See Me Exhibition in support of mental health awareness in Australia.
. . .

The fire in her,
the thirst for voyages never concludes
our lives upon radiant and parallel bands
and ceaselessly, folding into creases
she is saturated in purple
she is imbued in white
there are florets in her mind
there are mandalas in her flight
pirouetting in the movements of awakening
the nature of this earthly blood

she dances in the rivers
she is naked in the mire
I am sure I’ve seen her before
in some other worldly trial
she liquesces into her flood
unbound from what she shuns
what comes to her is magic
and what comes from her is love

. . .