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Source Connection

One of several works in my ongoing Series "Energy in Motion
. . .

"A Nirvana Rise"
The morning wanes long
as the red velvet glow creeps over every crescent,
every sharp leaf,
curling each blade of grass,
and up along each new and passing moment
the warm, fractal light
casts fresh mornings shadows,
on gasping, breath-filled men
who bustle for a high or a deeper breadth
whilst the pale sky hires the fragile dawn light
I sit transfixed within,
an observer unrestricted,
untainted by each new breath,
wholly in and out of self
The propaganda machine chants;
- mechanical fear,
and I loom like this red, rising sun,
high above its weak and heavy grasp,
looking down upon a shadowy lie
In full recognition of the bright perfection,
dispersing each severed ember into its rightful hue,
and aligning self with a singular beam,
columns of pure radiance ignite,
and the connection to source commences
The morning Waned long,
no regard for time,
to understand such disregard for fiction,
is to awaken to the vastness of all things,
there is only room for Love in a Nirvana Rise
. . .