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The Ancient Heart Tree

Part of the ever growing series of works entitled "Astral Dreamscapes" a series of works depicting places from dreams, visions, past life memories and fantastical apparitions of the mind. 

. . .

Sent to me in my dreams
Alongside nothing else
Greet me in reveries
Where there is nobody else

Guide my eye
Sweet dragonfly
Down that winding
Turning path
To union skies
And the dreaming tree
Open my eyes
Open my heart
In my belly
From my hands
Guide my eyes

Sweet dragonfly
Canonical passion fly
Flora home
The mountain rises, as she is the trunk of an ancient Heart tree
Now on her knees
Her head in the ground
Calling out
To the seeds
The colossus of the origin song
Shifting with the changing breeze
Of Lovers songs
Of Peacekeepers songs

Sweet dragonfly
. . .