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The AUyvayic Feast
(The Festival of Dreams)

This piece began ten years ago when I began writing my poem “The Auyvayic Feast” , like so many of my works it began as a dream… Now it has culminated in an image embodying only a fraction of the wild ones of the forest, culiminating in communal creature feast, witnessing the union of the Goddess and Her Beloved.

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The Auyvayic Feast

By Daniel Watts

Goodnight sweet,

Goodnight to you,

Gentle house by the mountain grew

Where two lovers softly drift and flew

And they blew out their candles

And slept quietly under the moon


So commence's

The Auyvayic meeting in the Forest

The cymbals assemble

Like chaste candles

And the singing presumes

Are you ready for the dance?

The slow water that ripples and plumes...

Aloud comes the Sitari - a spirit moth !

Also the fine lovely Faerie

Snakes abound around trunks

Entangled and Entwined

Consummating the croning

Of the Gnomes and their knowing

Warsome- Peacesome flight

Astral divine

Slow comes the shining -

Of the Auyvayic light

Tumescent glow of the golden garden night

The gentle bower, home of the fern

Lights like windows in the darkness burn

Party gatherings; smoking through spiralling roots

The gentle drip of the nighttimes dream ensued

A party of thousands;

On many planes of the forest floor

Where the gentle and the kind and mischievous hold the door

Where a feast of such a bounty was being prepared before the dawn

Whence four Knights clambered upon the lawn

With great bellowing drums and heavy mailed feet

Their shields and coats of arms ruspired

Ruminating their character and their crude retreat

So came the Lion,

Roaring in his mane and Cape

The falling mail around his waist

Followed by the Eagle

Wings like his blades

Swords raised

Right behind was the Badger

Mad as a hatter

Coaching the following dream of the Adder

Tongue forked like a dagger ~

Singing songs and secrets of the avid

From the soil grew new seedlings

As the Knights took their seating

By a fire of desire

A new and pleasant feasting

- a greeting, one great mischievous meeting

Thwart into prizes

Like reaming, seaming spires

Up grew the vines,

Into its canopy of wires

Revealing in the branches

The gaps between the leaves

Where the embers of the fires

Burned in ends for all to see

a clearing In the midst

Of this communal creature feast

Where in mystery absorbed

Came great dragons

And the beasts

Where they so happily resided,

Outside the cunning of the thieves

No longer any enemies under stars,

Instead Friends sat under trees

Welcoming the fire

And the friendship of the feast

Out by the bower of the flaming homely scene

Abounded all the fairies who made mischief in the trees

There was silence in the mist

And the moss caressed their feet

The singing of a silent song had everyone a treat

The moon had risen higher

Long shadows it had cast

And the clouds had disseappeared

Revealing all that once was dark

And the mushrooms they were blooming

And the glowing worms retraced

New Eyes were slowly waking as the nighttime took its place

The Knights around the fire

Their laughs began to wake the trees

Whose spirits freed from beneath their bark

began dancing around a breeze

And as the tree-wives in their soil

Felt that homely whirling;

They opened up their leaves

Dark Green unfurling free

Unto that silvery moon;

the nights most radiant pearl

They together in their raising

awoke the deepest worlds

The water maidens were drifting,

In a pool deep within the dark,

They took toward the feasting

Draped in their glowing river mud

They sang a song of healing

They were singing soft of love

They brought unto that leafy ceiling

A party of both the snails and of the slugs

The snails they had been followed,

And the frogs weren't far behind,

And the birds were all awake

Singing songs with all their kind

And the mysteries were woken

And the night had all but stopped to turn

A never ending place

Where the Worlds had joined to learn

The sea could be heard in waiting

Far over all the lands

It's salt song was sung by fishes

Whom had told of its own demands

And this party of sweet millions

Had rippled out to please

The quiet ones were talking

The sleeping ones were wed

The house in the depths of the mountain

Where two lovers had laid their heads

Were woken by the mountains tremble,

Whom kissed them both awake

And they rose to see the forest

Outside their door arrayed

They both gently came to welcome

And walked into the woods

The path outside their door was welcoming each foot

There were creatures on the branches

And there was a sound of buzzing bees

There was now a billion different souls

That had come to join the feast

And the lovers they were dressed

By the fairies in the night

Covered head to toe

In flowers and in light

There were feathers on his crown,

And crystals for her head

And they were dusted with the sparkles

That they dreamed about in bed

This feast it was for them,

It had been all along,

A meeting in the dreaming

Of two lives whom to each belong

When they reached the centre

Of that labyrinth of woods

They were carried off in dreaming

tired eyes and tired looks

The sun eventually rose,

And it first had hit the sea

Where the whale songs warned the forest

To quiet the party and end the feast

The creatures all returned

To their places all in between

And the knights four; lay all snoring

On the floor around the trees

The lovers they were last

still dancing Long under the sun,

As it rose upon the canopy

And showered them in Love

The birds they scattered into the daylight

Their Sweet songs still float overhead

As our Dancers eyes closed soft;

and they woke back within their bed
. . .