rainbow gum lil.png

The Dreaming Tree

. . .

I Hear the frog song that echoes so loud
My heart song- where the veins do arise
The hairs on my neck
they stand up sometimes
With the shiver of a whispering wind that feels like a voice
Calling me home to this ancient land; I rejoice
I see a sunset dipping behind the coolabah tree
Melaleuca dreams where the path winds so gently between 

The elders of this place they call out to me
Gum leaves spiralling to their resting place in the breeze
My blood runs, and I know to never leave
They say sweet son, you know just where to be 

I've shed the weight that clawed at my rest
I've sent the howling ones away to their hollow earth nest 

We come from magic -
Such Magic it seems
And I'll walk in place of that dreaming I dreamed
I'll walk with those who see me
I'll walk with those,
who need me
I'll walk with those,
who freely
Stand in their power with me
It's part of this sacred healing
To address the wound
And set each other free

. . .