The Hamsa of Sacred Waters

. . .

Give me the sifting sand between my toes,
I'm right by the Rock and stone,
I feel the power in the awesome wave,
Watching as - showers she gave

I'm alive with the setting sun-
Call me high when the day is done
What's a night when the stars are mine
I could kiss the moon tonight 

Wonder why we could ever feel blue,
It's ok to cry when you know the truth
Just make sure you fly when you've kissed the moon
It'll be alright -  I'll hold you through 

Grace the water as if you're naked, bare
Never mind the fishes stare
As your eyes are wide and you're floating, glide
Breathing low and breathing high 

Blue is love and love is deep,
Go on down - lungs for the sea
Catch my eye with disbelief
Floating in that starlit reef  

Turning wave don't take her down,
Keep her head, a seaweed crown
Keep her breast the awesome wave
And keep her heart- the heart I gave 

I'm in love with the shells she threw,
The ones she took back to waters blue,
And all the crabs and birds she knew
I know that they all love her too 

Have the salt just lick the wounds,
that caress she gave me in our youth
Finest sand between my toes
I'll be Standing by her, rock and stone