"And the whale songs finally waking, all the dead up from the seas...."


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the song of floating angels

. . .

"Cracks In the Dam"

This is the story of the Darkness and of the Light, 
This is the story of the Void and the Infinite
Of Hate and of Grace
Of Cruelty and of Mercy
Of Fear and of Love 

We are here upon this stage, 
beneath the Ancient moon,
And our Ancient sun -
Beneath infinite skies
Where planes now roam and fly

And beneath our feet, the tremor of the Earths great heart beats, 
And beneath our skin our blood runs red through our own arteries
And we are one with the resonance of the bees
As the music of the wind,
Carries energy to the trees
Whilst the crying are heard by all,
The weeping turn to speak
And the quiet ones are loudest
whose voices are for the weak
And the strongest men are breaking,
And the most scared do finally see
While the divisiveness of hatred is failing miserably 

And the marching of the armies
Set against the newly free
Never touch those blazing people
Set apart before the beasts
And the wild ones they are laughing
For they have always seen
They are buried in the flowers
And are nomads in the trees 

And the whale songs finally waking
All the dead up from the seas
As the rising of the extinct, 
gallop long on lands now free 

And the Darkness of the night
is luminous with its own regale
And the fermentation of the old world
Brings on a deeper magic age
Where times cogs are all but ground up
Under pyramids and sage 

Bless the brave ones who had spoken
When their hopes took the deepest wound
They were the ones who had the courage
to wake the sleeping from their tomb 

Now we sit gathered in a circle, 
Raising intention to the last, 
Energy rising higher
to speed up the final March
And the ones who aren't assured yet
Of what just lies ahead
We tell them, 
just be ready
To use your Heart
Over your head 

We assure you, 
please be ready
Use your Love
It's time to mend