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Veils | The Star Goddess


There you are;

Across the vast blanket,

ocean of stars,

Girt in a bold,

Enveloping night

Radiant glow,

streams of white

Oh light abundance,

And shadows cast,

To limit life,

Or constrain the soul,

To understand the very essence;


To put it under a banner,

Envision the incomprehensible,

Feel the beginnings roar,

The echoing sun, pouring outward her energetic streams,

Cloaking you in light, casting you in shadow,

Upon the infinite sky,

The black embroidered void,

We are as alone as we perceive,

Open your senses to a higher level,

Bevel your sharp and rigid perspective,

See love,

Your Nature - in a struggle with love,

Fighting it,


Feel the Truth,

Embrace this common vision,

Underlying humanitarian thread,

The souls trend

Where are you?

My tender Love,

My Souls partner,

Oh Life traveller,

My hands are held out for you,

I shed tears in the presence of your truth,

You are a revelation of Love,

My capabilities,

My vision,

Common truth,

Uniting truth,


love invoking truth

There you are, across the vast blanket

Ocean of stars