Wise Council by Daniel Watts

Wise Council

. . .
You find yourself walking upon a broken stairway;
The wind is icy, catching your attention
This is a jungle, and the air is all but frost...
you approached a summit after several hours, finding an archway, peering through its frame you spy an ancient ruin.
At its centre is a floating orb, representing the sun, and a crescent moon framing its orbit - scintillating gold under the ivory moonlight.
Beyond the ring of broken stone stands a regal Snow Leopard, her eyes soft and transfixed on yours, glowing silver in the darkness.

Beside her ponderous and wild, lay a Bengal Tiger, his weighty breathes under his skin, warping his stripes.
Beyond them both stands another arch... sinking slowly into the ground, and as your peer into its door, two bright eyes emerge with an energy like spiralling starlight, forming a face of a third feline. Upon its forehead opens another eye... and so you face an ancient Jaguar...

You stand in awe under the waning moon. Mountains sparkling white into the horizon and the spirits of that Wise Council purred secrets into your dreaming.
. . .