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. . .

My heart was formed in darkness
Surrounded by the womb of all that is
Its sweet song, a song just of your likeness
And it has been the hymnal of all that is me

I have been the heart of Darkness
I have been the birth of Light
Where the first things came into being
I have sung right by your side

My heart was there at the forming of Oceans
Surrounding the womb of that first Verse
Our sweet song, a song of creations likeness
And we sing the hymnal of all that cures

I have resided in the heart of greendom
Where Light made Love with sound
I am the heart in perfect resonance
With those colours birthing round

My heart was witness to the nations
To the planets in their dance
She was the creatures below our vision
Forming the formless in their trance

I have known so fondly of our oneness
I have remembered what its like to be
I know the timelessness that embodies
And just what golden light It breathes

My heart was there for the division
Of our cellular chorus sound
She saw the duality and the birthing
Of our masculine and feminine proud

I have endured countless ages
I have seen through the eyes of the blind
I have walked with feetless whispers
I am the ghost who comes at night

My heart has tempered in fire
She had hardened under the ice
This Earth has held her long
And the winds of time have made her cry

I have resided in the minds of mages
I have wheeled in the blackness before Stars
I am in the embers of shamans
I have been held down by the hard

My heart has been broken by her song
It has been pierced also by his sword
But that is just what has happened
It is not what always hurts

I have hope in what I see coming
Because it is whats already seen
I am steadfast in the Circle
Of a Love that has Always been

. . .