A Rose Thorn In The Sea

"The kindest words my father said to me; Women like you drown oceans.” 
- Rupi Kaur

A Journey through life, only a fraction of life, of course, via the lens of the divine feminine. Aloft upon the streaming waters of timeless eternities. A Rose Thorn in The Sea, is a series of works that is intended to capture some of the world bending monuments in time, that we face mostly within our own beings. This series explores childlike innocence and the birth of new life, coming to terms with living in this earthly realm and learning to occupy a body. The rhythmic melody of love, the throngs of heartache and fear. Existential crisis. Parenthood. The Realisation of Mortality and finally the return to all that is, and the birth of something new.  

The Works in the Series are as Follows
. . .

The Formation of Your Beautiful Soul

Occupying This Form

In Alignment With Your System

The Euphoria of Love

An Agony of the Heart

Some Kind of Eternal Mirage

And Again, Everything Changes

The Chorus of Your Own Song

Always | The Reformation of Your Beautiful Soul

. . .